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Ensemble 01 | Verre d'Onge

Set of 5 unique frosted silica glass vases. Oscillating between functional objects and works of art, each of the rooms has its distinct unpredictable aspect, taking on a completely different form within its layout. According to its creator, Jérémie St-Onge, it is as a whole that it defines itself and that it negotiates a central place in our living spaces.

All Verre d'Onge pieces are mouth blown in Montreal.

This product is sold as a set or in separate pieces.


    Materials: Frosted Silica Glass

    Dimensions: Varies from 3 and 17 in. (height and width)

    * Dimensions vary depending on the complexity of the pieces. Prices are established by the artist.

    The Story.

    VERRE D’ONGE’s unique pieces are hand blown in Montreal by Jérémie St-Onge. While respecting the traditions he learned from his masters, his incomparable style reflects more of an intuitive and creative approach. Being both craftworker and inspired artist, he creates a space for spontaneity and nuances. Every piece has an unforeseen aspect that distinguishes the singular from the ordinary. He sees his work not as a production, but rather as a large collection, where the design intention transcends the individual piece. Expressed in the arrangement, it is the ensemble that defines it.

    The work of Jérémie St-Onge attests to the ambivalence between functional objects and works of art. The uninhibited approach to his medium allows the artist to deepen the primary meaning of form. Following production, a study of line and colour reveals pictorial, even romantic, compositions. By adopting certain forms and concepts from ceramics and archaeological glass, his practice explores the role of the material that is blown glass in our spaces. These timeless pieces celebrate this ancient technique.