From a young age, Isabelle was fascinated with fashion when playing in her grandmother’s chests. Elegant and always coquette, the figure of her paternal grandmother, who evokes the chic allure of another time, clearly defined her family of aesthetic spirit.

Isabelle’s journey began more seriously with studies in fashion and marketing. That’s when she was first introduced to fashion styling, notably at ELLE magazine where she met people that had a significant impact on the rest of her career. These mentors made her sensible to detail and its value in transmitting an effective visual message. Throughout her training, she shared her life with an architect and was thus immersed in an environment that further encouraged her to develop a profound respect for design and for the thoughtful conception process of projects.

A few years living in Barcelona immersed her in a new, diverse creative environment where fashion, architecture and a very distinctive art of living coexist. Then came the opportunity to follow styling training in Paris, where she learned to democratize her knowledge of editorial fashion and to understand fashion from the very particular angle of Parisian style.

This whole experience provoked a very special appreciation for Montreal, which she saw from afar for the first time and that she could finally compare with a European world that she now saw from the inside. She returned home and joined a company in the fashion sector with international activities that always kept her connected with outside inspiration. She occupied a role combining creative strategy and brand image, a position which allowed her to put her skills to work and continue to develop crucial skills in the development of a new project called Bon Temps…