BON TEMPS' styling services are lead by a duo of stylists who work together to create a space of openness and discovery, fundamental to the BON TEMPS principle.

Our approach to styling is not about following trends, but rather about sharing our expertise and allowing space for your personal tastes to be expressed with authenticity and distinction.

We believe personal style and fashion connect best when the outcome essentially portrays what's within, all the while respecting your very own physical attributes (silhouette and colorimetry analysis). We're here to listen and help you find and polish that perfect ensemble for everyday life or for any special occasions — one that works with you — and that will be conducive to bringing out good taste and welcoming some well deserved bon temps.

/ Service 1. Virtual Styling

A fully virtual service where we meet, chat, and shop online.

/ Service 2. Basic Styling

Book an appointment and meet with us at the BON TEMPS showroom to get a personal styling consultation (colorimetry, morphology, key silhouettes and style analysis).

/ Service 3. Complete Styling

This is the full package. Book an appointment to discuss your styling needs and we'll take it from there.

/ Extra Service. Curation by Bon Temps

Need help picking out a gift? We're putting our good taste at your service. 


Contact us here for more information.

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