Our wish is to be a brand that is aware and much anchored in today’s reality.


Minimizing our impact on the environment is a long journey in which we embark with the best of our knowledge and capacities.

/ We value lasting style, quality/durability and purpose that will enable longevity. Meaning, we value long lasting love for the objects that we choose to surround ourselves with. Essentially, buy less, love more and wear/use longer.

/ Through a carefully edited selection, our wish is to facilitate conscious choices; narrowing down the options and curating a coherent offering that fits with our lifestyle.

/ With a trans-seasonal approach, we wish to transcend trends and stand to be the opposite of fast-fashion.

/ Adopt and feature pre-loved articles and give new relevance to past favorites.

/ Carry and collaborate with brands that share common values and stand for sustainability, human dignity and respect.

Bon Temps_Values