Surviving thanks to life’s simple pleasures.

 A little piece of history.

It’s after a long, rigorous and hostile winter that Samuel de Champlain establishes in 1606 L’ORDRE DE BON TEMPS (Order of Good Cheer).

His primary objective was to breathe life and activity in a colony that was immensely suffering from the rough climate that New France represented at the time. It was first meant for the winterers to gather around feasts, but quickly became an opportunity to find comfort and relief, to share and to celebrate cultural exchanges.

In bringing together Natives and French settlers, Champlain not only founded the very first North American gastronomic and social club, but lay the foundation of a culture based on friendliness, pleasure and discovery for centuries to come.

Originated from difficult and hostile times, these qualities that celebrate good times (bons temps) are part of our heritage and are still very much anchored in our cultural style today.

BON TEMPS. A name that honours a moment in time and evokes finding and focusing on the positive when all else seems gloomy — this is our starting point.

Bon Temps_Origin