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026-Transmission | Dinette

Number 026 entitled Transmission transports us into a universe where heritage and knowledge transcend time. It highlights the invaluable legacies of our ancestors and their skills that have spanned the ages. In this constantly evolving world, we are dedicated to the imperative need to recognize and celebrate these treasures of know-how, transmitted with devotion from generation to generation. We explore this living heritage, this heritage rich in knowledge, techniques and creativity, true guardians of history, authenticity and human resilience. We look at how stories spread, how cultures evolve, preserve and perpetuate themselves, how innovation has its roots in the past, and how values ​​and experiences find their echo through the ages. We focus on how their transmission preserves the continuity of our existence and weaves an essential link between yesterday, today, and the breath of tomorrow.


- 158 pages / 21.5cmx27.5 cm

- Offset impression. Velvety soft touch cover. Printed in Quebec. Available in French only.

About Dinette.

Dinette highlights an innovative vision of culinary culture and the art of living through its magnificent biannual paper magazine designed in collaboration with creative minds that gravitate around its universe.

026 Transmission is 158 pages that covers:

- Sugar cane cultivation in Portugal
- Grates Cove digital kelp
- Citrus fruits from the Hespérides garden
- The ancestral canoes of the Swahili coast
- Restoration of Beirut’s heritage
- The dance of the horses of El Rocío
- The art of fire by Alain Conesa, blacksmith-cutler
- Faial: Azorean culinary heritage in Quebec