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020-Trésor | Dinette

Number 020 takes us into a fascinating universe where wealth gravitates on a different axis. Like shiny jewels hidden in dark depths, not all treasures come in chests; we come across them by chance, we dig them up, we unveil them excitedly and reveal them delicately, we discover what was often just there, hidden, asleep, forgotten, under our feet, before our eyes. 


    - 292 pages / 21.5cmx27.5 cm

    - Offset impression. Velvety soft touch cover. Printed in Quebec. Available in French only.

    About Dinette.

    Dinette highlights an innovative vision of culinary culture and the art of living through its magnificent biannual paper magazine designed in collaboration with creative minds that gravitate around its universe.

    Bon Temps_020-Trésor |
    Bon Temps_020-Trésor |

    020-Trésor is 292 pages covering:

    - The amazing Azulik museum hidden in the jungle

    - The cave of a thousand wonders at Archives Montréal

    - Argentina's thousand-year-old glaciers

    - The hunt for the illknown Huitlacoche mushroom

    - Safeguarding the precious Mi'kmaq language

    - The precarious destiny of the Magdalen Islands

    - Discovering the Appalachian truffle