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021-Ludique | Dinette

Number 021 lingers on the fragmented side of ideas. As if straight out of a kaleidoscope, our thoughts are reviewed, transformed, lightened, charged with naive energy and new meaning. We make room for the unexpected, the unusual and the playful where ideas flow freely and make magic happens. From this freedom come surprising stories, objects, structures and concepts. Colours, shapes and movements intertwine in an infinite creative impulse. We explore, we discover, we create, we merge, and we let chance take part in the experience. 


      - 228 pages / 21.5cmx27.5 cm

      - Offset impression. Velvety soft touch cover. Printed in Quebec. Available in French only.

      About Dinette.

      Dinette highlights an innovative vision of culinary culture and the art of living through its magnificent biannual paper magazine designed in collaboration with creative minds that gravitate around its universe.

      Bon Temps_021-Ludique |
      Bon Temps_021-Ludique |

      021-Ludique is 212 pages covering:

      - An incursion into the colourful world of Atelier Retailles

      - Saskatoon berry harvest, an understated local fruit

      - Natural aronia-based dye

      - Al-Safafeer boilermakers

      - The Songhaï centre, an ecological farm in Benin

      - The Realaxe inclusive skate association in Paris

      - Virginie Jolie's crochet interpretation of Dinette