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022-Topographie | Dinette

Number 022 explores the notion of territory. With the greatest humility, we cross the fine furrows to the largest canyons, we run our fingers over the marks of time and descend the steep slopes of the landscapes. Between rocky peaks, abundant waters and peat plateaus, nature is revealed in its most impressive panoramas. It takes us into its mineral heart, lets us run through its valleys and invites us to climb its thousand-year-old peaks. Difference in level, altitude, reliefs and matter are in the foreground as we study the horizon per square km, in all its immensity, in all its diversity.


      - 196 pages / 21.5cmx27.5 cm

      - Offset impression. Velvety soft touch cover. Printed in Quebec. Available in French only.

      About Dinette.

      Dinette highlights an innovative vision of culinary culture and the art of living through its magnificent biannual paper magazine designed in collaboration with creative minds that gravitate around its universe.

      Bon Temps_022-Topographie
      Bon Temps_022-Topographie

      022-Topographie is 196 pages covering:

      - Dune pepper picking

      - Lichen in the kitchen

      - Pascal Poot's revolutionary seeds

      - The surreal landscapes of Alexis Christodoulou

      - A specialty coffee hunt in Costa Rica

      - Exploring the peaks of Montenegro

      - Ice climbing here in Quebec

      - Shepherding in the mountains of Te Hapu