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019-Lumière | Dinette

Number 019 transports us to the infinite spectrum of light. We go through all its nuances, we defragment it, we celebrate its intensity and bathe in its absence. We follow its journey as it materializes in the mist and dust, and try to catch it, if only for a moment, to give us courage.


    - 228 pages / 21.5cmx27.5 cm

    - Offset impression. Velvety soft touch cover. Printed in Quebec. Available in French only.

    About Dinette.

    Dinette highlights an innovative vision of culinary culture and the art of living through its magnificent biannual paper magazine designed in collaboration with creative minds that gravitate around its universe.

    Bon Temps_019-Lumière |
    Bon Temps_019-Lumière |

    019-Lumière is 228 pages covering:

    - La Caverne, an underground urban farm in Paris

    - A short trip to the Cyclades

    - Diwali celebration in the slums of Kolkata

    - Portrait of a lighthouse keeper

    - Visiting a banana plantation in Iceland

    - The solar poetry of a garden in Spain

    - Sweet kelp of the Gaspesian Mi’kmaqs

    - Harvesting fountain watercress

    - Snorkeling in the cenotes