Le livre des lecteurs | George S. Zimbel

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Le livre des lecteurs | Les éditions du passage

George S. Zimbel, an American-born Montreal photographer, is world famous for his images of John F. Kennedy, Jackie Onassis and Marilyn Monroe on a ventilation shaft. A book of readers pays tribute to the readers encountered on his way. From the 1950s to today, Zimbel readers take us back to this moment of grace, this moment when time and space disappear to give way to an imaginary and fascinating world.


-160 pages / 20.5cmx26.5 cm

- French & English

Bon Temps_Le livre des lecteurs |

Encountered over his sixty years of work, in Montreal, New York, Paris, Barcelona and Venice, from sidewalks to library tables, George S. Zimbel's pictures speak to the evolution of everyday life over time, as well as the endangered practice of documentary photography.

Bon Temps_Le livre des lecteurs |

"You can take a photo at 1/100th of a second, but it takes longer to read it. Then the fun begins. Reading a photograph is more like taking a trip. You see things that kindle all kinds of memories good and bad. Your life is the reference."

— George S. Zimbel