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Safety Razor | Well Kept


WELL KEPT’s staple product — the safety razor — isn’t only kinder on the environment, it’s kinder on your skin too. The weighted brass handle allows you to shave without pressure and its single blade offers the closest shave while reducing irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor burn.

It’s also a sustainable alternative. When cared for properly, this brass safety razor will last a lifetime. It works with plastic-free, stainless steel razor blades that can be recycled, and all packaging is recyclable or compostable.



    Brass razor & one safety razor blade / 9 cm length handle /
    96 g


    Brass, aluminium, powder coat and one stainless steel blade.


    Your razor is made up of three parts and you’ll add the blade to make it four. Handling your razor is easier with dry hands so we recommend setting it up before you hop in the shower or bath.

    1. Hold the handle of your razor in one hand and grip the head in the other, pinching down from top to bottom. Unscrew the handle and gently lay all the parts down.

    2. If you’re changing blades, this is a good time to give everything a good rinse in some soapy water.

    3. Pick up the blade, taking care not to touch the sharp edges, then pop it onto the top piece, lining up the holes in the razor with the spokes on the head.

    4. Gently lay the flat head piece on top with the spacer ridges touching the blade—if you place it the wrong way, the blade won’t reach your skin and won’t cut your hair.

    5. Hold the head steady by pinching the top and bottom, avoiding the sharp blade edges, and then screw the handle back on.

    Enjoy your best shave ever.

    About Well Kept.

    WELL KEPT makes refined essentials that cultivate routine and ritual, without harming the environment. Everything created is intentional and considered. They believe in quality, sustainability & a strong sense of aesthetics. All self-care products have been formulated with this in mind and produced in Vancouver, British Columbia.